Office Imaginings

Shirt Series. 2015

This is a creation inspired by a friend who was throwing out some old work shirts. Not being someone who likes throwing things away before I photograph them. I retrieved some and photographed them. There are several in the set but these are the most imaginative.

White Collar Dreaming


This was inspired by the idea that when you're sat in an office all day and the suns shining, you'd love to be somewhere else. So I created story of where this white collar worker would like to be.

Walking in the open air with trees and open spaces. Just, somewhere away from the office but not really wanting to be seen by the office staff either.

White Collar Sailing


Another shirt on a similar theme dreaming looking through the window in the office. Wanting to away from the office and out in the sun enjoying sailing around the world in this boat and exploring the world.

A friend of mine said if she could buy this shirt then she would buy it. maybe I'm in the wrong business. :O)

I'd love to know where you'd like to go if it was your shirt.

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