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The SRGB Group are keeping in touch through our webpage and posting on Our Members Critique Group. We Take it n turns to choose image of the lunch and two runners up The Critique is anon subjected in November we added a theme.

I’m pleased to say that Fae Chilling was chosen as Novembers Winner.  It’s always very special when a team member  picks and award in the group.The Theme Award and Runners up are on our Facebook Page. 

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The original is taken with my iPhone. She usually ends up sat with me or near me. Fae was actually having a wash, I called her name and took four shots. this was the best of the set.  I like the way her tail flips up to take you back to her face and the eye contact. 

Processed in Photoshop, I added a couple of textures to cover up the blanket and the chair and a little dodging & burning to highlight areas and her eyes are slightly saturated. It has 32 layers in 5 groups. 

I’ve printed it on Hahnemühle Hemp, part of the Eco Friendly Naturals Range to add the final magic. 

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