Rule of Thirds 2015

Let's step back little here. As a raw beginner I was given some advice to live by creatively. "Learn the rules then forget them and do what ever you want" these immoral words came from Gwen Charnock at a Keith Sudderby Garden Party. Look back at it I did ignore the rules anyway, I've never been one to follow the norm.

People don't realise how much their comments make a difference. At one talk, some time ago now. One of the Audience who obviously wasn't a creative fan, as he contactually commented about Composition being off in my images among other things. I was told "my images don't conform to the basic Composition rules, The Rule of Thirds." Are they really supposed to I ask myself?

The reaction to this was to create some images that the central point of interest was complying with The Rule of Thirds but having my centre of interest in the top third of the image. I used textures and details to add the the image. Simple and straight forward but really what he meant at all. There are more in the set but lost in the magic world of the dead hard drives.


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Rule of Thirds 2021

Time moves on the Covid months have taken their toll creatively. Not doing Zoom Talks or Live Talks for a couple of years and no print exhibitions either, It's a little disheartening to say the least.

I've been revisiting styles and ideas that I've enjoyed in the past looking for a reboot. The main subject that I've photographed have been place we've visited on our days out or Covid exercise time. Now, back to the The Rule of Thirds. and how I can use that to Reboot by texture work. Some are not as obvious as the top third but most comply with the format. There's not sketches or preplanning just open a texture. I've been using the textured paint shots I took at The Sand Lizard Mural by Paul Curtis a few weeks ago at Ainsdale Beach.

There are nine in total so far but they're fun and several created at 3.00 am when I can't sleep.

The line of composition is obvious in all but one but the ideas there anyway. They're simple and quick to do around thirty mins per image.

Oh well, onwards and upwards, some of the Content been removed due to it being copied with 24 hours of posting.

So don't forget my guest book if you've like to add any comments. I've love to hear from you.

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