Creating a Basic Texture

Before and After

I’ve added textures to my images from darkroom to  photoshop, to make my images original.

Textures are ‘The Thing to Do’.  Everyone want to know how! 

Collecting Textures is something I collect every time I walk out the door, they are everywhere. You can catalogue Textures by Keywords, which makes them easier to find. Never buy textures or download them. 


Start by playing with a few textures. You can apply them is so many ways but Opacity are the easiest and a starting point.

Example shown worked in Photoshop. 

I’ve chosen a texture and the original image with an opacity adjustment in place. Drag & Drop your texture and use Opacity to adjust the texture layer.

I started at approx 75%. Each Texture will react differently, it’s simply the more you do the more you learn

Texture 1

Texture at 46% Opacity

Texture Two

Texture Opacity 43%

Once, you’re happy with it you then continue to create your image in anyway you want.

By doing this you’ll experience what works and what doesn’t.

There’s not right and no wrong.

There’s no instant Creativity, it all has to be worked for. 


Now explore textures and have fun but remember creativity is something that starts inside and is individual.

Every Happy Accident pushes the boundaries that little bit further and opens your eyes to another alternative.

You’ll see the world differently once you start collecting textures.


Texture Three

Texture at 40% Opacity

Texture Four

My Choice

This is my final choice.

I like the way the two worked together and  the delicate shapes created by the texture on the flowers.

Total number of layers, six, total number of images two but don’t forget the little bit of magic too!

Coming Soon – Blending Modes.

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