Taxi Graveyard

The Dock Rd - 2017

The Taxi Graveyard – The Old Dock Road, Liverpool.  It was a great place to explore the old and the new mixed together to create The Docks.  We were on our way home from an event and decided to have a wander the Dock Road near the Blue Bridge,  There’s always so much to see and photograph down there. ( Now not so much as they’re revamping the area for a new football ground) So many textures, macro landscapes and dereliction.  It’s better to visit at the weekend as many of the business areas are closed so less parked cars. 

Wandering down of the the streets I spotted two cabs. One had the engine and parts missing, it had been there some time as there was bushes growing up through the window. The other, someone had been sleeping in as there was a sleeping bag and clothes in it. The Taxi’s are in the original location and just has textures  added to give it an extra feel of location. 

The yellow cab was that colour when we photographed it. Our cabs in the Liverpool  are daily black often with advertising on them too. We could not understand why it was yellow.  Many years later, I did a talk in Derby and the mystery was solved all their taxi’s are yellow.  

It was a fascinating place. We did return but they’d been moved part of the big tidy up.

Original Shot
Main Texture

There’s sixteen in layers in four Groups including a Mono Conversion and a Print Layer tweak layer.  I’ve added  two textures including a sky . All processed in Photoshop, Did you notice the reflected yellow taxi in the black door..

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