Passing a selection of prints round during the talks, helps people see the work close up and see the paper and the image working together.

The talks include Hints & Tips – it is not a technical talk or a workshop. 

My talks are Print only – I do not allow projection of my prints.

Talk  Season 2019 – 20     Hidden Images  – see Diary Page

Talk  Season 2020 – 21     My Creative Mind  – see Diary Page

If required for advertising on Club Website, I’m happy to send images by email. Images from my website, they may not be in the talk.  please. don’t just help yourself  from my Webpage. as they may not be in the talk.


I charge Expenses & any other outlay required to visit your venue. I’m happy to do short tours of three nights. Expenses to be slept between the clubs equally.

Anything approx two hours or more I’ll book an overnight (Premier Inn Prices) stay, breakfast and evening meal for each club. 

Hahnemühle Fine Art Contribute to the costs.

I require

  • a reminder 2 Weeks before the booking
    • start time, break & finish time
    • Venue details inc Postcode & map
    • Parking availability.
    • Direction to the room always helps.
    • emergency contact, incase of delays.

On the night of the talk

  • Parking space or arranged parking details
  • Help with print boxes to the venue
  • Tables for Hahnemühle Fine Arts Info
  • illuminated Print Easel with Table in front
  • Print Stands or tables for the prints during the break
  • A nice cup of tea during the break – milk and one sugar :O) please
  • Help to pack up & carry Print Boxes at the end of the talk.

I live in Southport,Merseyside and I’m happy to travel anywhere

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Mobile 07702425533 or email

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