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I’ve removed my diary and booking information due to Government guidelines.

I’m a print worker and believe the final step in any image is to hold it in your hand. The talks I present are created solely to be printed as it gives the best image and illustrates the use of the joining of paper & image. It’s difficult to create this in a Zoom Talk. It would mean photographing all 90 of my prints to create a presentation. previous to Covid 19, the talk included passing prints round to see detail and texture which makes digital talks impossible to see this. For me, part of the enjoyment of doing talks is being there and having the interaction of the members to discuss thoughts and printing.

We’re all living in a crazy new world, fear of our invisible threat and our basic human needs. Any large gatherings are simply impossible due to Covid 19, Government Guidelines, don’t allow Camera Clubs to open. Regrettably, this means all talks for 2020 are cancelled. Booked talks for 2021 will be reviewed later in the year and I’m not taking any bookings.

Let’s hope camera clubs don’t end up being simply on-line forums for photography and one day we can meet again. I think the crazy new world has made many of us think about what comes next and how we want our lives to continue, enjoy the individuality of your photography.

Keep Well and Safe.

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