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Talk Feedback

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Cannock PS

Thank you for such an inspiring talk, great advice and the opportunity to see some amazing work close up and handle the prints. I can’t wait to see you talk at our club again. (Dioart Facebook Page) After an inspiring club talk last night from Dianne, I had a look at images I had worked on creatively with textures and styles. Can’t wait to try some new ones after the talk and purchasing a great book with amazing images. Can’t wait to hit the computer. I’d been lagging and a bit uninspired and missing being creative. So this has just relighted my spark.

Naomi Howe on Facebook

Ilkley Camera Club

Seek out creative stimulus and act on it without delay. That was a key point from visiting lecturer Dianne Owen’s talk on 27 September. Try out different techniques and even build on mistakes, she suggested, for, in the creative photography world, coming up with something new can win you medals. Dianne generously passed round her prints for close-up examination enabling members to compare the different textures of Hahnemühle Fine Art paper that she used and their relevance to different types of image such as sci-fi, cityscapes, flowers and butterflies. Nowadays she relied increasingly on her mobile phone to capture source images as the quality was so good and this meant she rarely missed an image that caught her attention

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Catchlight Camera Club

Our guest speaker was Dianne Owen FRPS from Southport, who brought a great selection of her photographic prints to show. Many members felt that they had never before seen such quality prints, and in such quantity – there were so many that simply caused the jaw to drop! Dianne gave a detailed talk about her background and the stories and inspirations behind her photographs, many of which were passed round hand to hand by the members for a closer look. We were privileged indeed to have such a fantastic display of prints in the club, and ‘textures’ will definitely be on the agenda for many members going forward. Thank you to Dianne, and to Hahnemühle FineArt Paper.


Catchlight CC on Facebook

Holme & District Camera Club

Thank you for your talk at last night, I found your photos amazing. Whilst I have been using Lightroom for many years I have only just recently progressed to Photoshop. I found your use of textures mind blowing! Please let me know if you ever consider running work shops again, as my wife is looking for a birthday present to give me .

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Derby City PC

Thank you so much for sharing your undoubted talent at Derby City last night. It was a brilliant evening, your passion for your art was clearly evident and the quality of the prints was outstanding. Thank you for  passing your prints around the room, it allowed us to clearly see the finer details, the choice of textures you use and  the various Hahnemuhle Fine Art papers. Again Many Thanks

Members Email -Roger Fountain​

Derby City PC

Thought I would give some feedback on your excellent talk at the City Club. As far as myself, and a couple of my friends, you certainly supplied the goods – ‘TheNext Step‘ for although you could not describe how you accomplished the final effects, there was sufficient to see in the prints as to how to create and use your own wold of textures.The important thing is you did take me to the next step and for that I am indebted. Keep up the good work

Members Email – Paul Locke

Derby City PC

Dianne delivered one of the most inspiring talks we have ever had at this club.  As we began to view her images, we saw Lowry, Turner, Monet, the odd water-colourist and several idiosyncratic photo artists who, like Dianne, like to create layered, textured, fantastical imagery.  However, it didn’t take long before we realised we were beginning to see Dianne Owen That is how distinctive her images are. ;Her images are unique. I glimpsed a future where we’ll see many a lecture from various photographers who, when asked the question, ‘who has influenced or inspired you,’ will reply: ‘Dianne Owen What I found pertinent about Dianne’s presentation is that early on she tossed in the comment: ‘I don’t use gradients because it’s a Photoshop addition That spoke volumes about the integrity of Dianne’s photography.  Everything we saw on those immaculate Hahnemühle prints was created by Dianne.  Furthermore, they were created through passion and a refreshing sense of fun. Within days of her talk, one of our members showed me some photo-montaging that Dianne had inspired him to create.  If only all lecturers could weave that magic.

Vote of Thanks – Ashley Franklin

North Cheshire PS

Great personable presentation really promoting not only the value of printing images but also the value of having access to a great range of paper finishes. I thought the metallic finish paper was head and shoulders above variations from other producers that I have used in the past. Certainly would not have considered paying those prices without holding a print in my hand first! Your overarching message of creativity and enjoyment is always a welcome perspective which can be easily lost!

Thanks Noel Patterson

Rocester & District CC

Many thanks for coming to see us. It was a really good evening. Very enjoyable and inspiring. Blown away to see what an artistic print you could make from a photo of some otherwise mundane items! Loved the Hahnemühle Bamboo, German Etching and Photo Rag Metallic papers.  Rob

Thank you for coming to talk at our club last night. I thought it was a brilliant evening and I have taken a lot of new ideas away with me. Your images are some stunning and creative behind it has really inspired me to try something different. Hope we can have you back for another talk soon. Now where can I get a sample of that metallic paper from! Lol. 

Ian – Secretary Rocester Camera Club

Birkenhead PA

Birkenhead PA had the pleasure of hosting Dianne Owen FRPS for her lecture on creative imaging this week. Her output is prolific but the nice thing about her position as a Hahnemuhle Creative Ambassador is that she can happily put her prints out into the audience for a really close look - she even has special boards with various sample papers that you can touch! We were shown a serious body of work which has light-hearted moments, mixed with deeper topics, but they all have that stylistic imprint which is purely her own. Everybody went home happy even if a little in awe of what they had seen!

Mike McNamee FRPS

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  1. Dianne has just given Rocester and District Camera Club an amazing talk about her creative photography. It is so refreshing to see photographs that are out of the box.Her images are so varied that they cross over to watercolour, textile, mixed media and metalwork to name a few. They are stunning and she is a very clever lady.

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