The Nest


Jan - 2019

A simple garden find while clearing the autumn garden tidy up. I've added a few twigs from the garden just to add something to give it a place.

The egg was purchased from a gift shop in Avebury, Wiltshire. The standing stones and its history are fascinating. One of those places I could visit over and over again. I know the egg looks a little big but I like the idea behind the small nest and the large egg. I'm not sure which bird created the nest but would love to know if anyone can add it in the comments, that would be kind.

The basic image was take on a simple background and then textures added to add emotion and the abandoned feel. The trees were an after thought really, just needed something to add to the empty space.

The images are always processed in colour and I always do a final mono conversion, it just allows me to know if it works or not. For this image I decided to give the print a slight warm tone.

I'm not greatly concerned about the how or why I make my work but for those who are 26 Layers in 4 Groups and four added textures. Printed on Bamboo (Hahnemühle Fine Art Papers) as it's eco friendly and has a beautiful soft surface to print on. A perfect mix of images and paper.

The Red Chair

The Red Chairs

A quick Coffee 2014

It was a cold winters day so we called in for a coffee at this little cafe in Wheelton. If, its still there after so long I really don't know.

We sat in the window with a latte and I expect a piece of cake, as there were several varieties to choose from. The room was covered with various decorations, all linked to the cafe in some way.

There was a larger table with several people sat opposite. This table had four painted chairs, the one that caught my eye was the red ones. The focal point of the image is actually the white chair that stands out from the table. Obviously, hadn't been pushed under the table.

On this occasion it was perfect. The chair away from the table allowed into the image giving you an invitation to the table.

The manipulation in the image is to highlight the movement of the chairs and people during the day at the cafe.

The image has ten layers and only one additional texture.

daily walk

A Daily Walk

With the dog 2019

We're all expected to do our daily walk but it has to be local. There's only so much you can do It reminded me of the images I made in 2019 about waking in a fantasy of colour and shape. .

One of the things I do enjoy when I'm playing with images and painting is using something simple to make somethings new.

This set is created from Colour Splash images that I've created and have used for many images as Backgrounds and Overlays. There's nothing like getting messy and having fun with colours no matter what the medium.

These are just for me. So, no rules or expectations and they created simply to create.

A painted splash image is the start for this  image,

I have 8 layer only in this one. It’s fun to play with new ideas. In the case I’ve been playing with colour and shape. to create the daily walk we all take, sometime simply repeating the same path and seeing different things along the way. Other times going to a new walk and exploring the things you see along the way. 

Here’s a couple more from the set. Still playing with the theme going for a walk.  Sometimes feeling alone and sometimes running and enjoying the freedom of space and time. 

Archive Images

I’m archiving my images while we’re on lockdown. During the process I thought you might like to hear the background that goes with the image. There’s colour and mono and occasionally even before and after.

Lots of happy memories on adventures with friends and family

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