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A Daily Walk

With the dog 2019

We're all expected to do our daily walk but it has to be local. There's only so much you can do It reminded me of the images I made in 2019 about waking in a fantasy of colour and shape. .

One of the things I do enjoy, when I'm playing with images an painting.I'm using something simple to make somethings new.

This set is created from Colour Splash images that I've created and have used for many images as Backgrounds and overlays. There's nothing like getting messy and having fun with colours no matter what the medium.

These are just for me. So, no rules or expectations and they created simply to create.

This is the startup point for the image and then I have 8 layer only

The people and dog shapes are created form a home made brushes. The original images, taken on Crosby Beach. 

Hope you like them and you have some fun.

A coulemore from the set. I hope you like them and maybe feel like going for a walk :O) 

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