The Never-ending Story

I’ve been responding for over 25 years.

We all have our own Line.

After many years for doing talks and entering Exhibitions all over the world.

The one question that’s been asked most is ‘ Is it proper photography?’  To the point in one club in particular to a very aggressive towards my Creativity. It’s usually because they can’t do it.

It’s not a question I get asked as much in these educated days. Now, the main question is ‘How do you do it?”  It’s simply I play. but still get a very mixed reaction to the fact I don’t share. When I developed my style because I value the creative process. I learnt by trial and error. These days everyone wants instant awards. 

In the Darkroom, we dodged and burned, added images, textures, created various effects and removed things we didn’t want, added colour filters for various effects, e.g. red for mono etc. a highly skilled hobby – isn’t that what we do in the Computer Room?

The boundaries we push are greater but it now allows us all to explore and progress in the world of Image Making.

The Cottingly Fairies is a perfect example of what people call cheating today, one or more images to create a final image  but it was done in the early 1900’s in the darkroom by children. Cheating the darkroom?

  • Cottingley Fairies –  It’s the same argument over a century later.
  • Cambre Hardman used clouds in images that didn’t have any, all in the darkroom.
  • Jerry Uelsmann multi images to create a story
  • An Abbreviated History of Manipulation
  • Darkroom Manipulation before Photoshop
The image below The Pianist  is manipulated can you tell ?

My Thoughts

It's a hobby Enjoy it

I love looking at photography from darkroom to highly creative work, I can appreciate all these types of imagery and the skills it takes to make the images. Many photographers have specialities in their work, e.g. nature, mono, sport and creative. It takes skill and hard work to achieve a high standard of imagery, no matter how or what you do. To do anything well, it take time and effort. I just wish all photographers enjoyed all types of photography and applauded the ability to make them, however created.

Why fight over, how and why? The final image is all that matters and the skill and enjoyment that image brings. Why not get better at what you do, rather than tell people they’re doing it wrong. The world is a many faceted place to be accepted, why can’t photography be too? 

If the photographer enjoys the image, that for me is the most important part of photography. If, others enjoy it too, even better. Many people are based in the awards and aim to achieve in their chosen section of photography, this is great way to learn and make yourself improve. Some will do anything to win. I’m more worried about where people get their images from. Why take images from other sources? Cheating by using other people images is simply not Acceptable in club photography. Many are copying images like for like simply to win!

I’ve been creative in the darkroom and in the digital world has opened up, ways of being creative and my enjoyment of photography more than I could ever imagine. I’ve met and made friends with many like minded people and continue to do talks and workshops all over the UK

Using Photoshop isn’t a crime, it gives people freedom of individual expression, which is sadly needed in this society controlled world. Remember, if you shoot RAW and convert in a RAW Converter, you are manipulating your image to fit your needs, already it’s an MANIPULATED IMAGE. By simply pressing the button on your camera or phone, the default settings manipulate the shot by factory settings.

Good photography, no matter how it’s created Darkroom,Traditional, Manipulated, Montage or Creative, the good ones will always come to the top, in any Club, Competition or Exhibition.

Most Club based Photographers It’s a hobby, enjoy it, get from it what you want to get from it, let other people get from it what they want. Appreciate the others peoples work and help them to achieve more, put something Positive forward instead of Criticism and Segregation. In the end it would be easier to have Open Sections for Colour & Mono and awards for Best Landscape, Portrait etc. then we play on a level playing field but there are always those who won’t

Reaction to Creativity

Has Changed

I’ve found recently, a complete turnaround in my photo club talks, instead of years of criticism of creativity, they all want to know how I do it, for free. To the point of verbal aggression from members when I won’t tell them. not just in one club,

I say, at the time of booking, that it’s not a workshop or technical talk but they get annoyed with me when I don’t tell them have to be creative, it’s not something you can learn, it comes from the heart but they don’t understand.

I have perfected my style over the years with no YouTube or anything else to help me, I just pressed button and tried things out to see the results. I often find the mistakes are the things that give you new perspective on the image. I did run workshop for three years why didn’t they come then?

Why would I share over 30 years knowledge. Creative people will have already explored their journey. Some people simply collect points and pots, no matter what it takes and how they get there.









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