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Playing the game

To Keep a Standard

Simple Rules

Creative Bounderies

If its not yours don't use it.

  • Be Inspired By the Everyday
  • Don't Copy Others Ideas or Images
  • Use Your Own Images
  • Create Your Own Brushes
  • Use Your Own Textures
  • Do All Your Own Photoshop Work
  • Do Your Own Printing
  • Have Fun

As an International Award Winning photographer, I’ve enter print exhibitions from BPE, FIAP & other Salons all over the world. Gaining many national & international acceptances and awards, which helps me keep a standard in my photography. 

My work can be seen in many of their catalogues and websites.Many people are surprised I don’t collect points. Gaining Awards, is the icing on the cake, I only use an image five or six times even if it’s a Gold Medal winner.  Images get tired and need to rest.

My more recent awards have included, a silver medal at the Master of Print, Medals at the London Salon, two consecutive years, now have the old medal and the beautiful new one.

Edinburgh International Salon awarded the FIAP Blue Badge, two years in a row. This is awarded for top print worker.

The SRGB Print Celebration, members had their own section with a Best Members Print being awarded which I received several times. 

As a member of Chorley Photographic Society, I enjoy entering the print competitions.  My work represents the club in various ways, from international exhibitions, inter federation competitions to fun club battles. 

There has been several One Woman Exhibitions in Merseyside and Lancashire at Galleries and Privately Owned Locations. A Personal Exhibition at Smethwick Photographic Society in 2019 featuring fifty prints many from my talk Hidden Images and gave the talk on opening night.





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