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Darkroom - Photoshop

As child there was always, paint, scissors,  glue, crayons, paper and colouring books. The opportunity to explore how paper and paint work together. Shapes to be created from scissors, glue and paper. Holding an image, painting, pastel or photography is an amazing experience, you feel the texture of the image in your hands, you see the tiny detail of the mark making or image. It’s that final realisation of the finished image that gives you the thrill

Discovering photography when I was young was just as exciting. Joining my uncle on many  adventures with our cameras, during summer holidays. The magic of the invisible becoming visible in the the darkroom tray. It was so much different from the instant image of today. Has it lost its magic?  As my enthusiasm grew, so my need for individuality. In the early days, my darkroom was my playground, adding textures to glass or clingfilm between paper and enlarger. I always worked to make a different image. Eventually, I swopped my darkroom to a very early version of Photoshop. I love to explore, so am completely self taught by simply pressing buttons. The magic was endless, the discovery changed with every turn, every mistake. I’ve always followed my instinct, each image moves on without path or design. They don’t all work but it has to fun. Be inspired by life and take your own path but don’t copy others. Joining Southport Photographic Society, I learnt the basics of competitions and peoples reactions to my creativity and not take all judges too seriously. I’ve made many friends, that have helped and inspired me and many negative people who think my work isn’t photography Their negativity helps me make images.

Edward & The Museum

Years later, I moved to Chorley PS. I have my own group of print workers the SRGB Photo Group. To enjoy the and promote prints. The group also ran The SRGB  Print Celebration. In the end for most people it’s a hobby, enjoy each others work, no matter what the subject or ability, in the end it has to be fun. if not why have a hobby? 

There’s been several milestones, in my work.I ran workshops for several years and many people who people think are creative came on them. The first  print competition entry, getting a commended with picture of a wreck on Southport beach. Moving up the section is the club, competing  against the higher workers, friendly competition.with friends. Watching a speaker talk about his artistic images, a lightbulb moment. Achieving my ARPs and FRPS all in the same year as a one woman exhibition. Being invited to join the Hahnemühle Fine Art team as the first Brand Creative. The recognition of my prints as top award winners. All things that shape my creative journey.

My Work is a Diary of my life, a memory, a moment, an emotion, not simply images making. 

I don’t just think creatively, I live a creative life.

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