SRGB Photo Group

A Small group of like minded people

We all love Prints

The Group has been unable to gather since March.  We’re been able to keep in touch though critique and more recently, prints. We have a closed  online digital critique and more recently a print critique. It simply keeps us in touch. We’re not doing Zoom talks for the group as we’re totally dedicated to prints. One day we’ll get chance to be a group again.

A Members Night

The SRGB Photo Group are a small group of like minded print workers. We wanted something extra to our own camera club. We are a non competitive group as most worker is already members of another group.

Who We Are

SRGB is simply a colour space and seemed a simple name for the group. The group meet twice a month at my home. We have a limited number due to space. The meetings are lead by the groups members. The members nights can be anything photographically based. Many members share skills, we have speakers, photoshoots and summer meetings.

Critique Night

One night we have a critique night, the member talks turns to run the night.. Two unmounted prints and one person has first critique then any other comments are added. The owner of the print then adds any questions relating to the print. At the end of the night the person who runs the night awards The Trophy, three are shortlisted and the final choice is given the Trophy. It's a bit of fun but highly sorted after by the group members.

SRGB Print Celebration

As print workers we ran the SRGB Print Celebration, a national print exhibition for six years but couldn't continue after this time. We produced a full colour catalogue with all acceptance represented. Unique awards and those little extras that made it special.

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Rainbow Bottles
Before & After
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