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my no.1 paper

The first time I printed on Bamboo, I knew it would be a favourite. If I could only buy one type of paper it would be this.

Bamboo is a natural white paper adding a soft tactile feel that extra softness and a little warmth from the natural white colour.

It's a first stop for my soft still life and many other images.

Bamboo is made from 90% bamboo fibres which makes it a very environmentally friendly paper. Part of the Naturals Range.

German Etching

favourite Textured Paper

German Etching is a arty photographers favourite. The textured paper that takes most images to the next level, this paper adds a unique surface to your image, enhancing the textures in the print.

There's a Fine Art feel to the paper. If you're a beginner with textures papers, this is one to try.

Photo Rag

favourite smooth paper

The white cotton artist’s paper, with its characteristic, wonderfully soft feel, boasts a lightly defined smooth structure. I'd use it on flowers and portraits, anything that doesn't want texture over parts of the image.

My standard for softer images. An ideal choice for my softer creative images. This adds a soft gentleness to the image and is very tactile.

The lighter weight paper is a great one to try for your first arty smooth paper.

Photo Rag Satin

My go to Photo Paper

Photo Rag Satin is a beautiful paper. It has a satin coating that gives a more traditional feel with the coating is on a Fine Art Paper. It's the best of both worlds.

You get the arty feel with a silky sheen that enhances your image. You can use it on any images you're use a semi gloss on but it adds the rich Hahnemühle Quality to the work.

I've used it on my Misty Liverpool Image and it works a treat.

Photo Rag Metallic

Photo Rag Metallic

This silvery-shimmery paper is the only cotton based metallic paper on the market. I’ve used metallic papers in the past with various results but never really been happy with them.

Photo Rag Metallic is not one I would naturally pick up BUT this paper is stunning! After printing on it for the first time I fell in love.

I have created three sets of images just for this paper and they stand out from the crowd. This paper is not just for creative work, you can use it for so many images including macro and nature and it will adds a little magic and quality.


Little Clouds

The bright white art paper has a clear, coarsely structured felt mark and is characterised by a very special tactile feel adding a three-dimensional effect and sense of depth.It reminds me of little clouds to the touch.

A perfect paper to add shadows to less textured areas adding depth. Especially if you have little detail in the sky.

William Turner

extra texture

William Turner has a highly distinctive textured surface once you've touched it you'll know it again.

This surface add a depth to the printed image. This works especially well on fur and foliage as it enhances a beautiful depth to the textures as it creates a more destinctive finish.


Test Printing

Always Test Print

Using A4 paper. I made a Photoshop template dividing an A4 sheet into 2 or 4. This allows any tweaks to get it spot on with wasting full sheets of paper. You get 2 or 4 to a page and it gives you options for the second test or another image. Being a darkroom worker before Photoshop, I make notes on the sheets including, date, paper name, and any changes or errors that need alternation. It helps next time you use the paper. I keep these tests sheets in a file as a reference for future printing and save the file to print on other papers.

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