Before & After

Green Parrot

A Favourite Print at My Talks

Start Image

Love the way it's peaking at You

The original Image was taken with my iPhone which is becoming my everyday camera. It's always in my bag. It was an image that I couldn't have taken without my iPhone.

A walk in the local park, to see the birds and have a stroll. This little guy was chatting to me. The cage was very tiny squares and my phone lens just managed to fit in-between the squares of the cage.

It's a very messy background with lots of distractions and highlights.

Final Image

with Added Textures
  • Total of 14 layers
  • 3 textures
  • A Cut Out of the parrot
  • Additional Background image
  • printed on HFA German Etching.
  • Tried it in mono but doesn't work
  • Processed in Photoshop
  • A favourite at talks.

Breakdown & Layer Order

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