How Do You That?

Just Play!

There are lots of techniques to photoshop, in the end its' about enjoying what you and follow your heart.

I've added a basic Texture examples and some Blending Modes. These are the most important ones when adding textures to you work.

More to come...

Textures - The Basics

Choosing the right one.

Adding a texture is easy, getting the right one needs practise. here a couple of examples of textures added to the same image. which do you like?

Adding textures, isn't about Awards, doing something quick but learning a new skill

Blending Modes Basics

Choosing the right one.

Adding a texture doesn't always have to be with BlendingModes, it depends on your method in Photoshop.

Heres' a few I use but remember is about trying various ones out to get the right texture blend on your work.

Painted Backgrounds

Have Fun

Backgrounds can be made from many things, card, paper, cloth and trade backgrounds.

painting your own backgrounds is not only fun but saves money and you get the right backgrounds for your work.

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