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Why choose printing and not pdi for my work? I’ve always worked with paper, in all it’s forms. You can feel it and touch it, making contact with the paper and the image, seeing the details and the way the elements and colours work next to each other. The paper choice is essential. my images are more suited to the fine art papers. Choosing the right papers can be a challenge, it simply takes time. I was invited to join Hahnemühle Fine Art as their First Brand Creative which has given me a new interesting direction in my photography. My talk prints are linked to papers on my Papers Page. 

Why Hahnemühle Paper?

adding a piece of history to your prints

As a photographer who is dedicated to making Fine Art Printing for over 30 years. It’s a privilege to join the team as the First Brand Creative. Paper defines our style, allowing me a very wide range of Fine Art Papers. 

The textures and creativity in my work  need to be printed on the right top quality paper My first digital prints were printed on everyday art paper. Now, having the opportunity to use the best Digital Fine Art Papers in the world. My final choice is always the best paper for the image to add the creative, look and texture in the print that I’m looking for. Papers add sheen, softness, texture and often enhance the creative feel to the image.

It adds the final touch to the image. There’s no easy way to learn which one for which image but I hopefully will give you so basics to help you choose. Check out the Paper section to see which ones I use and why.

Comparing Papers

Paper Experience

see the combination of image and paper close up

I have printed the same 5 images on the Featured Papers for the audience to touch and compare Textures, Surfaces and Colour and see the quality and how the image looks on each paper. Hahnemühle Fine Art Traditional range of papers for all you art needs are also available on their website with my discount code. The Team is also out and about at various locations.  Buying your favourite papers couldn’t be easier. 

My Discount Code  is DIART2019!   Hahnemühle Fine Art UK, – Web Shop

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