Caring for Animals

Two Zoos 2015

I like visiting the zoo no matter where we are in the country, you get a diversity of creature and see different behaviour in each one. This set uses images from two zoo visits.

I've been visiting Chester Zoo since I was a small child in a pushchair. The animals are very well looked after and have many new areas with newly designed habitats in the constantly evolving zoo.

The second is Colchester Zoo. A smaller zoo but has a charm of its own, with the animals being given enriching gifts to explore and find food. The evolving habitats from the older style to new ones was in the process of updating the zoo. Theres a mix of animals in the some enclosure, as it would be in the wild.

There are several in the set but i've focused on just three. Rhinos are rapidly declining in numbers due to poaching. The image main is of the mother Emily & baby Lottie. The Sumatran Tiger and another big cat Napo, the jaguar. both highly endanger animals.

I have processed several images from this visit. The main focus for the set was to encourage people to have a greater understanding of the need for humanity to think more about the survival of all the creatures in our world before they're gone. Zoos help save creatures from the brink of extinction.

I wanted to show that our world must protect the threatened species. I used textures to created the natural environment background and added the earth as a way of making the animals stand out from the background adding to the story. I love circles in my work especially when working with a squares canvas.

All Right Reserved Dianne Owen FRPS