The Highlander

Tutbury Castle

Tutbury Castle has had a fascinating history, It has seen many battles and residents, some of it famous guests were Eleanor of Aquitaine and Mary, Queen of Scots. Sadly, it's now ruined with few structures still in tact. It's now looked after by English Heritage.

A visit to Tutbury Castles photography Day was great day. There's a limited number of tickets available, so not so many people and many characters to photograph, re-enactors from Steampunk, Second World Wa , Scottish Rebels and many more. They're all happy to be photographed, It's great place to cut your teeth on photographing people.

Our first adventure to Tutbury Castle was with photo friends after a judging in the Yorkshire Federation. We also met up with lots of people we knew when we got there.

The Highlander, was inspired by The Outland series of Books by Diana Gabaldon. I read them many times before etc Television series came out. I'm a big fan, of the series too, as it has a real essence of the books. This was a opportunity to create an image that reminded me of the books. He was very clean and realised he's have be muddy and dirty, this took ages to get right. The background was taken in Scotland and seemed perfect for the job. The print did well, and received awards and acceptance in Club Competitions representing Chorley PS and in National & International Salons.

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