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For me the choice of paper is the final step in completing a print. Getting it wrong can be the difference between an ordinary image and an award.

Not sure which paper to choose?  Passing my prints round during the talk gives you the chance to see the papers up close and on the back of each it has the Title & Papers Information. Hahnemühle Fine Art Discount Code  is DIART2019! 

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Showcased Papers


290 gsm · 90% bamboo fibres 10% cotton natural white

The first time I printed on Bamboo I realised it was the perfect paper for my work. Soft, lightly textured but smooth surface from the Naturals range.

It is a natural white paper which is soft to the touch. The delicate paper adds to creative feel and an extra hint of warmth to the image.

If I could only buy one box of Paper from this range it would be Bamboo.

German Etching

310 gsm · 100% Cellulose white · mould-made paper

German Etching and is one of the most popular media worldwide.

This paper increases the textures and enhances the detail. It's the perfect paper for textured Images.

It's my first choice for the most textured images.

Photo Rag

308gsm · 100% cotton · white

The white cotton artist’s paper, with its characteristic, wonderfully soft feel, boasts a lightly defined smooth structure.

My standard for softer images. An ideal choice for my softer creative images. This adds a soft gentleness to the image.

The lighter weight paper is a great one to try for your first arty paper.

Available in three weights 188 · 308 · 500 gsm ·

Photo Rag Satin

310 gsm · 100% Cotton · white · satin-finish

Photo Rag Satin is a beautiful paper, it gives a more traditional feel with the coating is on a Fine Art Paper.

You get the arty feel with a silky sheen that enhances your image. I use this for the more defined images.

It's very versatile paper that can be used for most images.

Photo Rag Metallic

340 gsm · 100% cotton · natural white · high-gloss metallic finish

This silvery-shimmery paper is the only cotton based metallic paper on the market. I’ve used metallic papers in the past with various results but never really been happy with them. Photo Rag Metallic is not one I would naturally pick up BUT this paper is stunning! After printing on it for the first time I fell in love.

I have created three sets of images just for this paper and they stand out from the crowd. This paper is not just for creative work, you can use it for so many images including macro and nature and it will adds a little magic.


285gsm · 100 % α-cellulose · bright white

The bright white art paper has a clear, coarsely structured felt mark and is characterised by a very special tactile feel. The unique surface structure blends with the images and lends them an impressive three-dimensional effect and sense of depth.

It reminds me of little clouds to the touch A perfect paper to add shadows to less textured areas adding depth.

William Turner

310 gsm · 100% Cotton · white

William Turner has a highly pronounced textured surface which add to the depth of the image.

I like this for more textured images as it enhances the detail in the textures and has a distinctive finish.

I use it on animal prints and it has a beautiful depth to the fur .






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