The Gallery

Creative Prints in Themed Galleries

Over the years I’ve created and printed many images. Some, I like some I don’t but others do. 

There are award winners and failures but my photography isn’t created to win, its about the simple enjoyment and need  to create. Some are created to tell a story of people and events in my life but a story isn’t essential sometimes it’s just about the photo. It’s a diary of my life.

Image storage is always challenging, for me I tend to put things in categories. Creatures of the World, Places, People etc. When we ran the SRGB Print Celebration we used these themes for the sections, it’s an easier way to display the work. 

The Images are created to be printed and held in your hand, why not come and see the real thing at my talks? 

I hope you enjoy the selection of work and the gallery.

Colour or Mono
Creatures of the World
Heads 1
Still Life - Flowers
Still Life - Objects
All Right Reserved Dianne Owen FRPS