2020 – 2021 Season

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Prints are passed round during the talk and are all printed on a variety of Hahnemühle FineArt Papers.

Please, the talk is about my work and use of papers. Hints & tips about my work are included but its not a technical talk or workshop.


Talk My Creative Mind
                        All Talks 2020 cancelled due to Covid 19
Cancelled 10th September  – 20 Atherton & District PS  

Cancelled 15th September.20  – Old Coulson CC

Cancelled 16th September.20 –  Godalming CC  

Cancelled 17th September 20 – Richmond & Twickenham PS  

Cancelled  21st October 20 – Winslow Guild PS

Cancelled  2nd November – St Helen’s PS

Cancelled  6th November – Accrington CC

Cancelled  9th November .20 Blythe Bridge CC  
Cancelled  12th November .20  Beacon CC – (Malvern)    

Cancelled  24th November .20 Nottingham & Notts PS

Events 2021

Talk My Creative Mind

9th February 21 –  Stafford PS 

17th – 20th February  21 – Judging – Club Cancelled due to Covid 19

23rd March 21 – Ribblesdale CC 

 26th May .21 Ware & District PS 

 9th September .21  Bolton CC

12th October 21  Afan Nedd CC 

14th October .21 Gwynfa CC    

15th October 21 Newport PC   

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