Colour or Mono

Colour or Mono

How do I choose?

During my talks, I often take two versions of the same Print. One in colour and one in mono, often toned. The paper is chosen to match the image and the correct 'feel' of the image.

As part of my processing, I work in colour, one of the last things I do is make a new layer and process for a mono image. I compare the two and see which one I like best.When choosing an Exhibition or Competition Image I usually only use one. I like to get as many images out there as I can, not simply use images that do well. I find judges simply get bored with them if you don't.

Which would you choose?

Three Roses

Toned Mono

The gentle feel of the image is good in colour but I liked the depth of the mono and how it highlighted the textures more.

The Roost


The mono adds the dereliction feel and a darker mood. I think the mono focuses more on the pier because of the lighter clouds. I like the colour as it reminds me of the day I took the shot and the colour links the birds and pier, giving it the title.

Knife & Fork on Books


This is a difficult one. The colour has warmth and shows the warm memories of the owner of the cutlery. The Mono has more depth and interest. The mono has had acceptances and awards in various Competitions and Exhibitions.

The Guildhall


I was wandering around London on a damp day and wandered past the Guildhall. It has an amazing Art Gallery which s well worth a look. The shot was taken with the figures in place, which add scale.

Why did I choose colour? I think it has more impact and the textures are more prominent. Th stone of the building was reflected in the choice.

The Tree Musketeers


I just can't resist taking Meerkats, I have several images of them. Love the way they lined up. I like to see animals in colour if possible as it adds more life.

Two Tulips


Still life is a favourite of mine, as you can do it anytime in any weather. The bright yellow calls out to you but the Victorian look of the toned mono has to be my final chose.

The Rail


The Tate Modern, a favourite haunt when in London.

The colours matter in the final composition. It gives a direct line to the from the lady at the rail and the lady walking toward her. This is lost in the mono version.

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