Rhubarb and Apple

Rhubarb and Apple

Recycled Cans

Taking the Recycling Out


Some days you just have to do the boring stuff, housework. The Re-cycling isn't on top of my list to do. The main bin was full, so I squashed the cans to make them smaller. Great fun and very therapeutic. I suddenly realised, each squashed can was different, the colours and shapes of all the cans made patterns and related to each other.Some even had different colour tabs. Back in the house they go. Out came my iPhone.

The images just needed something to give it a boost. Add texture and a bit of magic.

I do all the tiny adjustments in layers which are grouped into one layer in the graphic.

Layers & Textures

  • Total - Layer 27
  • Square Crop
  • Five Textures
  • Blending Modes
  • Three layer masks.
  • Stamp Layers
  • A Brush Layer
  • No additioanal images.

I just played until I got something I like.


Texture Mixes 

You can use any amount of textures.

 I started with a simple colour background and worked from there.  Some add colour, others texture and finally details.  Each image has a different mix of textures. 

Before & After
Image Archive

Old Image Breakdown

A simple image called the Swirl, created in 2003. See more on the Image page.

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