Butterflies and Balloons

Walking with Creatures of the World

Manchester Museum. We find Museums fascinating, they have such a wealth of subjects and ideas, you can visit many unknown places and exhibits, discover history and beauty. This museum still has the victorian feel of glass cabinates which adds to the experience. Museums are also warm on a cold winters day.

We wandered round many ancient lands and walked through the door to see creates from many lands. Looking at all the wonders, from Maharajah the Elephant, Maude the Tigon from Belle Vue Zoo. It was an uneasy feeling being watched by so many glass eyes in glass cages. Each exhibit had sometime special and their own stories too. The butterflies, a great collection with many of each species, pattern, colour and beauty, sadly a Victorian legacy. I took several shots of the beautifully colours and patterns of the wings. Trying to catch the previous beauty of the living fluttering butterflies. Seeing the short lives, pinned to a display, created a sadness.

I downloaded my images and was reminded of the butterflies. The short lives, the nets and killing jars. The decline of the butterfly population in our gardens. I wanted to give them freedom again and allow them to fly. These are the result, several in the set. Created in 2016 and has 33 layers over eight groups.

All Right Reserved Dianne Owen FRPS