Blending Modes

Each Result is Different

Blending Modes are divided into sections, each section has a purpose. The Blending Mode reacts to the images colour and contracts for Bending, therefore each images that uses Blending Modes is different result. Each Blending Mode is completely controllable.

We all know the basics Soft Light, Overlay and Multiply as we use them for different effects already.

Many people never use any others. The best way to see results of each one, is to play. Try them out, see what happens if... make your own record. learning Blending Mode is a key to digital Creativity, it's a skill that needs to be on hand when you're working. Simply scrolling down the modes until you like something isn't enough.

Blending Mode Sections

Each has its own use

Every Mix of images will create a different image.

Normal - Original Image

Darken - Removes Light

Lighten - Adds Light

Contrast - Hides 50% Grey

Difference - Inverts/Subtracts

Colour - Affects colours LAB

Blending Modes in Action

Image & Texture

Darken - removes light - Mutiply

Darken - removes light - Liner Burn

Lighten - adds light - Screen

Contrast - hides 50% Grey - Overlay

Contrast - hides 50% Grey - Soft Light

Difference - inverts/subtracts - Divide

Difference - inverts/subtracts - Differnce

Colour - affects colours LAB - Saturation

Before and After

I’ve use Blending modes three times in a variety of ways. 

There’s no shortcuts, just play and see what happens. 

Have fun.

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