Backing Prints

Talk Prints

I'm one of the few people who pass prints round during a talk. It allows the club members to see how the print and the paper work as one. After talks many of the clubs members realise holding a print makes all the difference. The prints for my talks are not backed which is occasionally commented on during the talk.

The reasons

  • the weight and additional boxes to carry the prints.
  • the waste & expense created by backing prints.
  • Storage of backed prints after talks and exhibitions
  • The ability to reuse mounts
  • Damaged prints can be remounted
  • I use framers tape for the prints.
  • The prints talks don’t have be inline with Federation or PAGB rules as it’s a personal talk designed for camera clubs, the mounts are 50 x 40cm to fit club light boxes.

Talk should not to be confused with Competitions rules associated with the PAGB and federations, many well known print worker do the same.

It’s a personal choice how speakers do their presentation.

All Right Reserved Dianne Owen FRPS