Backing Prints

Why Prints for Talks?

A Talk Question

It's a question that crops up from time to time at Talks and in discussion groups, often by people who don't like creativity, think I'm breaking rule, they do why don't I!

Well the answer is simple. I don't have to, it's a print talk, my rules, my way, my talk.

The rules set by the L&CPU ( the only Federation that insists it backs prints) It's a federation only for Competitions not for talks etc. If your club insists on backing prints, talk to the committee.

I'm one of the few speakers that pass prints round during my talks. My mounts get dirty, finger prints, boot maker,coffee, bodily fluids the list goes on.


  • Fewer boxes to carry
  • Dirty Mounts can be replaced without,
  • you can see the weight of the paper
  • I can reuse my mounts
  • Saves Money
  • It's my choice.

I hope this answers your question.

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