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My Talk isCreative Prints only, there is a variety of themes and information about the prints styles and thoughts. I'm a print worker and believe the final step in any image is to hold a print in your hand. The images shown are created solely to be printed as it gives the best image and illustrates the use of the joining of paper & image.

Please, note I'm no longer in the L&CPU speakers list. I now charge a Fee for my talks. Any Cancellation Re-bookings from Covid Months are still at the original Costs. Please, contact me for more Details & Costs.

Zoom Talks

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I've avoided doing any Zoom Talks because as most people know I'm a dedicated Print Worker. It's a mix of paper and image that makes the final print for me and holding a print in your hand obviously not suitable durning the pandemic.

Most clubs that have moved the Print Talks bookings to 2022. I've had many requests over the past year to do Zoom talks all over the Uk and Ireland during the Covid months. I've finally decided to do Zoom Talks in 2021. only limited numbers. Max audience and confirmed agreement by the Club and individual audience members that to no recordings or screen grabs will be taken.

The Zoom talk is available from September 2021 booking now. Please, contact me for more Details & Costs.

The online talk is two 45 mins sections with a break. The talk includes old favourites and new work from the recent lockdown months. My thoughts, inspirations and why I work in set. The images are my take on the creative world of photography with a little magic of textures. There are also before and after examples on some images as we go along the talk. 


Remote and Live judging

Why do I enjoy Judging? Simply, because I love looking at photographic imagery, any subject or format. The individuality of each shot and the skill set that it took to produce. Quality composition and creative input, all go to produce final image. The selection of prints has the same basic skills with the addition of the knowledge base of creating and producing a print.

I've been on the PAGB judging list for several years and have been involved in judging at all levels. Not just on the actual judging panel but also behind the closed doors shuffling prints ,helping with organisation and making cups of tea.

I'm happy to judge at any level or subject from small club photography to international salons including judging via Zoom for pdi or having prints dropped off for home/studio judging. Comments via Zoom. Hopefully in the not too distant future we'll be able to meet again too

Charge at PAGB Rates.

Cambridge Bikes

art shirt

Art Shirt


ART SHIRT was the first in a set of three. The other two much more complicated. The shirt idea came about when a friend was throwing out some white shirts. So, I asked for one to use as an art shirt when I do painting and other messy stuff. It was nicely pressed and folded. The more I looked at it there I thought I could photograph it. This is where the story beings really. I simply played as usual and the we'll see what happens next. Firstly, I wanted to add colour by adding textures. This simply wasn't enough. It needed more, popped couple of brushes from the pot into the pocket and I was so much happier with it. The final touch was adding a dragonfly that I'd photographed from another image. Then the final touches that I always add to my image. I really like the contrast to the orange against the blue and the square format. It was well received at the SRGB Critique group.

Office Shirts

The next two shirts become a labour of love. I tried to think of all the ways 'A white shirt' would be worn. These two show office shirts and the wearer dreaming of the weekend and where they'd like to be.

WHITE COLLAR DREAMING - a walk in the countryside and the maze to get there.

WHITE COLLAR SAILING - Sailing the seas and exploring the world, even though it maybe only in the imagination.

What story does it tell you? It's interesting to see how people define these and how it interpreted in their own work.

the squirrel

The Squirrel


Visiting the Red Squirrels is always been a day out at Formby National Trust Property for many years, as it's local. There is a sense of space and tranquility while walking through the trees and seeing nature unfold. We took our children there from being small to tall and I've been on several school trip there too. Finding Red Squirrels isn't as obvious as it seems as they're wild ( Squirrel Walk ) but do like nuts. More recently, there are fewer due to the horrible virus carried by the Grey Squirrels, which are not native to the country.

This squirrel was another story. There was no wait for the it to turn up or the obvious question 'Is this the right spot?' It came to visit while we had our picnic at Chester Zoo. A place it had visited many times before wanting scraps.We didn't expect to see a Red Squirrel living wild in t he zoo but when you think about it it's an obvious place, lots of treats and food.

Creating was not too difficult. It didn't work with giraffes in the background so I had to create something in the background that added a more natural environment. I was thinking about the environment you see at Freshfield and how they live there. I was looking for a more woodland background. Two texture, additional images and flipped the images horizontally. A total of only 13 layers. Printed on a Textured paper for the final touch.

Work to protect the Red Squirrel in the UK



The Fairground


Pleasureland, Southport

One, of those places that I've known all my life. I used to spend many hours at the fairground on the rides and meeting up with friends. I have so many good memories of weekend meet ups and the sparkle of the light at night.

The Location has moved from one over to another now owned by Norman Wallis. His singular vision has regenerated Pleasureland into what it once was and so much more. The site has a variety of new rides and the old favourites, it's alway clean and tidy and well staffed.

We've wandered round and photographer many aspects of this fairground. These's something for everyone from Scary Rides,Dodgems and the Children Carousel.

There are also many special events to attend and don't forget to put them in your diary.

Th images are created more recently. They're where created for the Critique Group at SRGB. I only actually use one. I applied some brighter textures and mixed images to create fun feeling images and adding of bit of emotion too.

I'm happy to admit that when I created them I wasn't sure but that's what the groups about. Trying new things and sharing the ideas and thoughts.



Available in print, mini print & cards.

There are lots of ways to travel. Sometime more obvious and others not. These feature some from Cambridge and Liverpool.


Bike with Basket
Black Bike
Green Seat Cover


Sunset Sails
Three Masts



Available in print, mini print & cards.

The fairground has always been part of my life. It's gone through many stages but always been there. Fin Laughter and many memories.

Roller Coaster



Available in print, mini print & cards.

Sculpture, is one of the most inspiring forms of art. you can see and touch it. There's something special about that link.


Still Life

Still Life

Available in print, mini print & cards.

Still Life is something you can do around the house with found treasures and collection walks.

Classic Coke
Three Feathers
Art Shirt



Available in print, mini print & cards.

Trees are constantly changing, from season to season. They live and grow and eventually died. During the Lockdown we learnt how important they were. simply for our well being.

Autumn Moon
Spring moon
Blue Moon
Green Dog
Woodland Walker
Butterfly Tree
Blue Dog
Sheltering Sheep
Woodland Deer
Ghost Tree
Wind Swept Trees
Lakeside Trees

Sci-Fi & Steampunk

Sci-fi and Steampunk

Available in print, mini print & cards.

Playing with toys and objects with an imaginative twist. Still life figures and parts from my collections.

Angel of Timel
Time Lord
Dark Angel
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