Image Making

A Individual Choice

Where do I start?

Usually being inspired by music, art, an event or meeting people.I open an image and I play until I get something I like. No revisualisation, no sketches, I just play and explore. If the image doesn’t feel right in the few layers, I stop, as there’s no point in wasting time. The process can take for ten minutes to a couple of hours for the more complicated pieces but no more than that. Every image has a hidden image inside waiting to be found. Working in sets of at least three. It helps define the emotion felt when taking the shots. I don’t record how I do it, each set has to be done in one session. I can’t repeat it the next day or would want to.

I don’t have a set way to do things but let the image take shape. There’s no magic formula to success just hard work. It's just about having fun and enjoying the image making.


A basic structure in Photoshop

The Breakdown is showing Layer Group of the process.

Image Breakdown - Green Parrot
Image Breakdown - Blind at the Tate

Making Prints

Lots of things to Think About

From Backing Prints,Using Textures and Mono Prints.

Backing Prints
Colour or Mono
Textures 1


Asked at Talks

When I do talks , I'm asked all sorts of questions, these may answer many them.

Someone Else's Art
The Never-ending Story
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