Blinds at the Tate

Before and After

London Salon Medal Winner

A Trip to the Tate

The Tate Modern is a favourite place to go in London. Good Food and People WatchingIt was a wet day outside and keeping dry in the Tate was a treat.

 I love to watch how people react to art. This is by Haegue Yang. The conversion between the group about the art was inspiring and their positioning just right. I don’t like to move people round if the is right in the taking.Taken with an iPhone 8s.and processed Photoshop.


I work in groups, so they are represented as a Layer in the graphic.

  • Total – Layer 18 
  • Square Crop 
  • Four Textures
  • Brush Layer
  • a Toned Mono Conversion.
  • No added or repositioned figures.

From the Original to the Finished isn’t that much difference.


Blinds at the Tate

I used textures to add emotion and a sense of place. I liked the way they’re all leaving 
I’d choose a soft art paper to keep the soft gentle feel to the print.

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