Magical Trees


A walk in the woods or local park can change the day ahead and make the world look so much brighter. The trees where taken on a drive in the trough of Bowland. The trees in winter or early spring are always a favourite too photograph as they have more shape and form, like a skeleton. One thing I have missed during lockdown is seeing animals. Finally we can go to the zoo or visit natural areas to take them again.

The trees in this set of work came from a winter drive in the Trough of Bowland an area I've always loved. There are special places, I love to have a picnic and vast spaces of landscape to wander in. A sense of freedom during difficult time and a need for freedom. All the tree images have been taken with my iPhone.

Trying out a new technique is always great to explore and I love to push the idea to it's limit. Being self taught, I learnt by playing with Photoshop to find out what each tool and element did. This I think is why I'm so diverce in my work. The idea comes from some tiny seed in my head. Sometimes it potters along and goes nowhere, the often explodes into something I enjoy and can explore for days and occasionally months. The idea and technique is always there to rekindle when I need it, often in another form.

The images make themselves and aren't to complicated but are fun to make. My aim is to create a mood and atmosphere of a walk alone in the woods. Dreaming about things that I'd meet and animals that would be hiding there too. The theme of the Mythical White Stag in the stories of old. Another a stag in the autumn trees. My personal Favourite is the sheep sheltering under the trees. The fun one is the Blue Dog which makes me smile. Finally the two with the hidden man in them, used as my cover shot for my webpage.

Hope you like them :O)


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