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White on White


On a Tuesday Photo Day out in 2019 . We aimed for the galley because of another exhibition which we really enjoyed by Grayson Perry. The main exhibition was a galley of was mainly white on white paintings part from a couple of figure studies. The exhibition consisted of large canvases painted white with another object painted in white, highlighting the shadows and form of the objects. It fascinated me that such simple things could be so intense in the setting of a gallery married with the amazing skills of the artist.

One, wet winters day I wanted to do something creative. I looked round the house for something to photograph. On my craft desk there was a roll of masking tape, this was the first of the set of images. white on white. I've not repeated any of the objects from the exhibition but be simply inspired by the idea. That started a search round the house of white objects that would be interesting printed. I took several that I didn't use so a limited section of images. It's a set that I'm hoping to add to with another set at some point. I photographed the images in natural light from the window and changed them contrasts of the image to enhance the shadow details in the shots.

I've had some interesting comments, one from a camera club who told me he was painter and decorator and said he'd never considered photographing Masking Tape. Explained at one club that it took ages to find an extension without a red light and text the comment from a lady in the audience 'Couldn't you just clone it out?' she missed the point completely.

It's a challenge I set when I go to clubs. Photograph something on the same coloured background. Great Competition Theme.

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