Three Masts

Tall Ships

The original image for Three Masts are a mix of sea shots and Tall Ships at Liverpool.

The inspiration for the set of image was the old ship oils paintings in the Maritime Museum, Liverpool. The owners of the shipping lines had portraits of the ships painted as proof ownership and of their wealth. There's some stunning paintings of a variety of ships, opt in and see the history of Liverpool Shipping history and sadly the slave trade is also an education in the cruelty of humanity which made Liverpool what it is today.

The reason, I picked this hull was I liked the shape and how it flowed, water was continuing the flow. In the case of this ship it had no sails. and only two masts. I knew it needed sails of some sort. I looked through the files and found one with sails are furled. This did the job perfectly. I showed this at a club with a maritime expert in the audience, he could see the creative nature of the image, simply that destroyed the structure of the ships as it shouldn't have three masts. It amazing what you find out about at talks.

This is one of a set of six created from the day at New Brighton watching and waiting for the tall ships to arrive. We found a spot on a bench early in the morning which we found to be the right thing to do. The busy the day the harder it was to keep our end of the bench, people pushed and shoved just to take a space on the bench. An education in 'the need to see' and the human of self preservation. I took lots of subject that day, the tall ships, drifted into the Mersey, giving us time to take images of people on the beach and of course the lighthouse.

I've not found the psd yet so there's not layer info. There's a couple of obvious mistakes too. Can you spot them?

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