Chester 2016

Our adventure starts in Chester, looking round the beautiful city, there was no real focus, sometimes you see things along the way.  Wandering round the ancient Walls, looking at the amazing roman history of the city as we walked, knowing that we followed ancient footsteps. Feeling hungry, we found a side street cafe with great food. Over lunch Gordon mentioned, that he’d seen advertised in the local news, a new sculpture installation in the Cathedral for Easter. We decide to have a look, with no real expectations of the giants we would find.

I simply wasn’t prepared for what came next, the enormity and power of the figures size and the skill of the artist was astounding.  The three pieces, which each weigh one ton and stand 19ft (6m) tall, their faces looking down at you, were, full of power, pain and emotion.

David Mach from Fife, Scotland created Golgotha. Three giant crucifixion sculptures made from steel girders and thousands of coat metal hangers, we were totally blown away, the size of the three crosses, the powerful expressions on the figures faces. it was so moving it touched the soul. They towered over you and looked at you with anger and pain. You’d not expect something with spikes sticking out could be so emotionally charged. 

It was one of those moments that I couldn’t wait to get home and process the images, I created a set of six prints, trying to incorporate the emotions I felt from seeing the sculptures. The feeling of light and the darkness just being near them.  To create this power and emotion was difficult but sometimes following your heart simply works. There are 38 layer in 6 groups worked in Photoshop to mix the image Sacrifice.

The colour print received a Gold Medal at The Edinburgh International Salon of Photography and various other medals awards in other exhibitions and competitions. This is one of those images that works just as well in toned monochrome, creating a completely different emotion to the viewer and in some ways more powerful. Which do you like?