Three Red Feathers


Three Red Feathers, the simple composition and added texture really makes a difference. There's nothing difficult about creating this one, three strips of newspaper and three feathers, found in the garden. Photographed on a piece of mount board, to gives a simple background to start the textures on. The image has several oppositions and balance points in it to strengthen the composition.

There's 23 layers in total. Two textures. One of my favourites at the time. from a whitewashed greenhouse at a National Trust property. It features in several of images. This adds arty feel and contrasts. The square canvass was a simple choice, as it creates a tighter images and brings the eye straight to the focal point in the centre of the image. The added Colour isn't from a photoshop gradient but part of the second texture. This images has been copied many times by other photographers and even created a new style.

On finishing an image I aways check if it works as a mono. Not all images do. In this case, I did a black and white conversion in photoshop and added a tone, which adds softness. The mono has to be the treated differently from the colour, adding eleven layers to the file. The additional layers are the put in group in the same saved file.

Three Red Feathers has achieved many awards and acceptances in the original colour print. There is a mono version and a revamped version. Each would be printed on a different paper to bring out the full textures in the images. The idea of adding text as a background has been used many times for still life.

I wonder which you like best?

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