Poppy Vase

Staying with Margaret 2010

Doing talks all over the UK, often means we stay with friends and club members for our accommodation. On this occasion we had a three night stay with Margaret, a well known photographer in the area. She very kindly took us out and about visiting a number of places in the area before my talks at night.

My main focus at the time was Still Life and after a talk at her club, she asked me about how I did my images. So we did a set up from her beautiful vases and flowers from the garden the next morning. I don't normally do this.

A simple basic still life set up. We found various items around the house to photograph. We all took images and played around with vases and objects.We had the vases, so she went out in the garden and picked these beautifully red poppies. They were used in various vases and just flat on the background but I think this was the best of the set. Stage Three, to print, the final image, a more textured paper was needed to show the the grain effect of the texture.

Arriving home after a successful tour I processed a small selection of the still life set up one of them was Poppy Vase. It had 18 layers in total which included the print adjustment layer. I also sent Margaret a print.

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