One More Step

A Story - 2017

We take so many images in so many location. We often visit re-enactments. It’s great place to take actions shots and historically correct images and portraits. These events are also great for catching up with old friends

In the case, it was Tatton Old Hall, Medieval Weekend. It was a very hot day, how the Knights in shining armour coped I do not know.  We took pictures during the battle and watched various skills being displayed. All recored, in various ways, doing close ups and more environmental shots.

In the end the day was simply too hot. Ice cream and retreat under a tree until the parade and battlefield later in the day. The tree we sat under was a random choice but was near the entrance to the encampment. Eventually realising this was the spot to be, we could also see tents and the path to the loo. Many people wandered past and I took random shots of anyone who looked interesting, Re-enactors and people alike. 

I was wandering through the images many months later and came across this one, a lady in white. There was something about her that was appealing.  I tried several backgrounds before trying textures.  It told the story the lady made me feel and I liked the way the foot was ready to take the next step, hence the title.  It’s been defined by many people and that’s the way it should be. It’s about what it males you feel. 

For those who are interested, only twenty layers (four groups) and three textures. Never done well in Exhibitions. 

Man in the Clouds

Garden Treasures

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