Spiral of Time


The Spiral and Bones Set were part of my Fellowship Panel. I've given them a little reboot to make them as I see them now, rather than so many years ago!

The Fellowship Panel was created around The Men and my Heads. The Gormley Mean (Another Place, Crosby) was one of my favourite inspirations at the time. The heads are an ongoing story of emotion. Two of these are neither but do include the bones. The original idea came about when there was and old broken Skelton in the rubbish at work, sadly headless. After asking the caretaker nicely if I could have it I put it in the boot of the car.I hate things going to waste. So, home it came, many of its parts broken. I've photographed it on several occasions by eventually it want to the tip. Processed in an early Photoshop approx 48 layers and several textures.

The spiral background are ammonites, taken in Liverpool Museum. The background colours are from textures. It took some time to create the fish but they seem to work well with the ammonite shapes and have a similar feel. The shape also added an extra element to the set, it was added to a Gormley Men, the third to balance the Panel. The original images where pastel and gentle but I really like to punched up colours on them.

Most of the images have around 30 Layers. I wasn't using Groups at time. Looking now these where very crudely created.


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