Tall Towers 2016

Living by the sea, you understand the enjoyment and perils of the watery monster. Lighthouse are the beacons on the vast emptiness of the sea. I've visited these monuments of light, for many years and seen them both from storm to sunlight. They are all special places, I visited both with friends and family for most of my life and had so many happy memories there.

Peach Rock, New Brighton, The Wirral, is only an hour away from home so a regular place to visit. There's been a light beacon here since 1683 later in 1830 replaced by the the 93 ft brick lighthouse we see today, after a three year building project. The light was manned until 1973 and is The lighthouse is privately owned and maintained by the Kingham family.

Trwyn Du Lighthouse, (Penmon Lighthouse) is on Anglesey, North Wales, my favourite of the three, so many memories of picnics, long walks on the cliffs, summer days on a pebbled beach and sunsets. Built at the 1838 standing at 95 feet tall and designed by James Walker. Trwyn Du became the first Trinity House lighthouse to be automated in 1922,. It has very distinctive black and white rings and sound of the haunting fog warning are all part of the memories of the visits.

The lighthouse at South Stack (1803) at Holyhead , Anglesey and designed by Daniel Alexander at 91 foot tall. There are various white buildings and is on a cliff. To reach it there're 400 steps which make you out of breath.

The lighthouse prints was created in 2016, I was looking at images and came across the lighthouses. The images themselves are created in the classic square by using textures, overlays and backgrounds to give an abstract landscape and changing weather conditions, that you can weave the memories around. The circle has been defined in various way by viewers, does it represent the light from the lighthouse, the world of the sea or the comfort of the world the light brings? In the end it's up to you, as it's up to the viewer to define.

The Lighthouse.


This is an earlier version of the Wirral Lighthouse, Perch Rock. 

 In the original image it has Liverpool Dock behind it, lots of warehouses and red cranes, these obviously had to go.  The easiest way to do this isn’t clone. I selected the sky area and duplicated it. Dragged it down over the docks and edged it in.  The water has had several repeated layers to created the right depth, always remembering the sky is replicated in the water. 

Two completely different images taken on two occasions using different techniques.

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