Garden Treasures

A Little Collection 2011

One of those days with no idea what to photograph so little Treasure Hunt in my garden. I just wandered round taking close up shots around the garden.leaves, flowers, close ups and bugs.  None of which really interested me. I’m sure you know what I mean. 

The next step  was to collect little treasures from the garden and greenhouse.  Loving Still Life work, I decide to create some mini pieces, this are only five inches square, using papers and offcuts of paper from around the house or previously collected from various locations.  I even found the skull of a mouse, hidden in a plant pot and a robin, still with its red feather lying on the greenhouse floor. i picked it up by the leg and it fell off. I had help from Cannon,(still missed) my dog, with some the bits I collected. I do my still life work in the conservatory, to get great light. 

There are several in the set and I’ll add them as I find them.  It’s  great experience in using what’s around us. You look at things, you walk past everyday. They all have possibility in a Still life. 

Collecting treasures is something I really enjoy, sometimes on the beach or a day out, a memory an emotion. saved in an image. It’s amazing what you find in your pockets after a day out. Just play, have fun. 


One More Step

Border Collie

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