Beauty in Death

Dead Flowers 2013

The Iris flower, has a beautiful shape and is available in many varieties of rainbow colours, usually found near water. . This talk beautiful flower is named after the goddess Iris, she is the goddess of the rainbow and the sea and sky. A messenger and handmaiden to the Olympian god. A personal messenger of Hera. The mother of Iris is Elektra "the amber" a cloud-nymph and her father Thaumas was a marine-god.

I originally, photographed the flower in the soft gentle flow of the beautiful colours and forms. Once, they start to fade, I dry the flowers on the window or an a radiator. My neighbours must think I'm a bad housekeeper keeping dead flowers on the window ledge. The soft gentle petals fade into a more fragile brittle state and the colours change. This has a different beauty all of its own.

My image Beauty in Death, is processed in stages. Stage one, photographed on a plain background. Stage two processing, adding a selection of textures and my own brushes. I always create brushes from my own images. Its important to me not use use other peoples images/work in anyway or form. The mono conversion was done in photoshop and a hint of NIK. A total of 27 layers. It was printed on a Fine Art Paper adding softness and an slightly textured paper surface.

They've both been in successful in National & International Competitions & Exhibitions, the colour version receiving Awards.

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