The Hidden Story

Images and Memories

This little project started with Lockdown time and our daily routines disrupted by isolation. I've archived many of my images and still so many to do. Originally, this was simply revitalise my older images that I have a personal connection to. I found, forgotten, unused images and many memories of friends and visits to various locations.

These are stories of my adventures over the years, each has a little history and some details about the layers etc used. The images are worked in photoshop all taken on my camera or iPhone. There are no additions from any other source or any stock images used, including textures and brushes. All my images are created to print on high quality papers.

I don't create to simply produce images but to create a diary of my life and the simple need to be an individual. I'll post more to relive our adventures and share them with you. If there' any image you'd like to hear their story Let me know via the Contact Page.

The stories continue, which will you choose? 





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