My Story – Prints

Passion, Prints and Paper

Holding a Print is the Final Step of Any Image

 I’ve now been producing Creative Prints for over twenty five years and I’ve always chosen to prints and paper, no matter what the medium.  In the darkroom I’d play by adding a sheet of glass with liquids on the top while developing the image. Cling film was a favourite as you created different images each time. My first creative prints were on art paper as I wasn’t happy with the results on gloss paper. They didn’t coat art paper for photography at the time. Now, I’m lucky enough to be able to use the best paper there is, as a Brand Creative for Hahnemühle Fine Art. The creative boundaries of Photoshop are endless but the novelty of Photoshop Filter become restrictive and repetitive.  I started exploring my own textures and how to use them in my work at this point, exploring the use of layers and blending modes. All these processes take time to learn and perfect, there is no instant result to get it right.

Creating a Style

Creating your own style is important, I produce approx over two hundred images year. I play, no revisualisation, no sketches. I photography images everywhere, now mainly with my iPhone, as it’s always in my bag. Mobile imagery is frowned on in clubs but it does the job It’s not about the kit, it’s about the person behind it. 

I open an image and I play til I get something I like. If it doesn’t feel right in the first ten layers, I bin it as there’s no point in wasting time.  The creative process can take for ten minutes to a couple of hours for the more complicated pieces but more than that, it usually means you’ve gone to far. When processing I tend to work in sets of at least three, this helps define the creative process for that set. I don’t record how I do it, each set has to be done in one session. I can’t repeat it the next day. I don’t have a set way do things, there’s no magic formula. I simply play and explore each set individually.

Inspiration is everywhere it comes from walking down the street to going to events, visiting Art Galleries and Exhibitions. My work is created by a need to create and it’s firstly and foremost being an individual.. Many people have helped me over the years and I thank them for the inspiration and friendship.

All Right Reserved Dianne Owen FRPS