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My Talk isCreative Prints only, there is a variety of themes and information about the prints styles and thoughts. I'm a print worker and believe the final step in any image is to hold a print in your hand. The images shown are created solely to be printed as it gives the best image and illustrates the use of the joining of paper & image.

Please, note I'm no longer in the L&CPU speakers list. I now charge a Fee for my talks. Any Cancellation Re-bookings from Covid Months are still at the original Costs. Please, contact me for more Details & Costs.

Zoom Talks

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I've avoided doing any Zoom Talks because as most people know I'm a dedicated Print Worker. It's a mix of paper and image that makes the final print for me and holding a print in your hand obviously not suitable durning the pandemic.

Most clubs that have moved the Print Talks bookings to 2022. I've had many requests over the past year to do Zoom talks all over the Uk and Ireland during the Covid months. I've finally decided to do Zoom Talks in 2021. only limited numbers. Max audience and confirmed agreement by the Club and individual audience members that to no recordings or screen grabs will be taken.

The Zoom talk is available from September 2021 booking now. Please, contact me for more Details & Costs.

The online talk is two 45 mins sections with a break. The talk includes old favourites and new work from the recent lockdown months. My thoughts, inspirations and why I work in set. The images are my take on the creative world of photography with a little magic of textures. There are also before and after examples on some images as we go along the talk. 


Remote and Live judging

Why do I enjoy Judging? Simply, because I love looking at photographic imagery, any subject or format. The individuality of each shot and the skill set that it took to produce. Quality composition and creative input, all go to produce final image. The selection of prints has the same basic skills with the addition of the knowledge base of creating and producing a print.

I've been on the PAGB judging list for several years and have been involved in judging at all levels. Not just on the actual judging panel but also behind the closed doors shuffling prints ,helping with organisation and making cups of tea.

I'm happy to judge at any level or subject from small club photography to international salons including judging via Zoom for pdi or having prints dropped off for home/studio judging. Comments via Zoom. Hopefully in the not too distant future we'll be able to meet again too

Charge at PAGB Rates.

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