Art Shirt


ART SHIRT was the first in a set of three. The other two much more complicated. The shirt idea came about when a friend was throwing out some white shirts. So, I asked for one to use as an art shirt when I do painting and other messy stuff. It was nicely pressed and folded. The more I looked at it there I thought I could photograph it. This is where the story beings really. I simply played as usual and the we'll see what happens next. Firstly, I wanted to add colour by adding textures. This simply wasn't enough. It needed more, popped couple of brushes from the pot into the pocket and I was so much happier with it. The final touch was adding a dragonfly that I'd photographed from another image. Then the final touches that I always add to my image. I really like the contrast to the orange against the blue and the square format. It was well received at the SRGB Critique group.

Office Shirts

The next two shirts become a labour of love. I tried to think of all the ways 'A white shirt' would be worn. These two show office shirts and the wearer dreaming of the weekend and where they'd like to be.

WHITE COLLAR DREAMING - a walk in the countryside and the maze to get there.

WHITE COLLAR SAILING - Sailing the seas and exploring the world, even though it maybe only in the imagination.

What story does it tell you? It's interesting to see how people define these and how it interpreted in their own work.

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