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Booking for 2022

Print Talks Available for booking 2022

I'm a print worker and believe the final step in any image is to hold a print in your hand. The images shown are created solely to be printed as it gives the best image and illustrates the use of the joining of paper & image. For me, part of the enjoyment of doing talks is being there and having the interaction of the members to discuss thoughts and paper choices.

Let's hope camera clubs don't end up being simply on-line forums for photography and one day we can meet again. I think the crazy new world has made many of us think about what comes next and how we want our lives to continue, enjoy the individuality of your photography.

Please, contact me for more Details & Costs.

Keep Well and Safe

Many prints are available in my Etsy Shop. as cards and prints.

Please, note I'm no longer in the L&CPU speakers list. This doesn't mean I'm not doing talks but simply moving on to another chapter in my photography story.

A Touch of Creativity

A Print Talk

The talk consists of a selection of creative and textured images created over the last couple of years. Some personal favourites and others Award Winners. Many new works and a section about my Head images created to depict emotion and feelings.

Discussion on paper and why I chose the papers is included in the Talk.

The talk will include Hints and Tips about my Creativity but it's not by any means a workshop. My process is different every time a produce a set of images, it's difficult to pin down what makes my individual images. There is no planning to sketches about what I'm about to create, I play and see what happens next.

Visiting Your Club

All You need to know

Talk Costs

Expenses & any other outlay required to visit your venue plus a talk fee. Contact for more details. I'm no longer in the PAGB Lectures List so now charge a fee. Rebooking from Cancelled talks - book now.

I’m happy to do short tours of two/three nights. Costs to be split between the clubs equally. Talks are also available at weekends for conferences and Photo Days days.

Anything approx 90 mins from home an evening meal is requested. A journey of two hours or more I'll need (Premier Inn Prices) stay, breakfast and evening meal for each club will be required.

If required for advertising on Club Website, I’m happy to send images by email. Images from my website, they may not be in the talk. please. don’t just help yourself from my Webpage. as they may not be in the talk.


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